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Real Estate Register Procedure

For registering real estate which consists of more then one independent part, according to Croatian low, is necessary to establish link between independent parts of the real estate with matching owned parts. Procedures imply drafting of survey on the basis of scanned all parts of real estate.

Independent separate part can be:

  • • Apartment (flat) in building or house
  • • Business premises
  • • Garage
  • • Parking space
  • • House garden
  • • Parts belonging to these related parts (attic or basement, terrace, house gardens
  •    etc).

Prerequisites for register real estate:
  • • Consensus of all proprietors of related real estate
  • • Compatibility in both parts in Croatians Land Registry
  • • Building permit or evidence that related construction is built before 1968-02-15

Complete register procedure involve services of:
  • • Solicitor
  • • Expert for civil engineering
  • • Land surveyor (eventually)
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